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After graduating in Fine Arts and Education, Tricia pursued a career in teaching secondary art for many years, including 28 years as Head of Art at Camberwell Girls Grammar School. In the last decade, Tricia has focused on creating her own artworks. She is inspired by her travels around the world especially Europe, New Zealand, South America and Asia.

Tricia enjoys painting people, their emotions and relationships with the environment. Working from real life with models, portrait, nude or in costume are the areas she finds particularly engaging. Each model, each pose has a story to tell and her own personal response gives Tricia's paintings an important emotional connection with that story and gives her paintings vitality and authenticity.

Portraits have become a particular specialty for Tricia. It is important for Tricia to engage and to feel comfortable with her subject with creating a portrait. Ensuring she spends time with her subject, allows everyone to feel relaxed, to share stories and discuss expectations.

A recent exciting and enjoyable experience has been to create portraits of children where the children create and paint the backgrounds and Tricia superimposes their portraits over top. These collaborative artworks have been very popular with the children, parents and grandparents alike.

While painting landscapes has become secondary to her portraits and figure studies, she can often be seen sitting on a park bench or steps of an old historic building, drawing and interpreting what she is seeing and experiencing. Many of these quick sketches or paintings have been admired and sold because of they truthfully capture the moment.

Tricia is always open to new ideas and commisionned pieces. If you have an idea in mind she would love to hear form you.

Tricia with Van Goug

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Thank you Tricia so much for the amazing portraits of the children. The likeness to them is uncanny and the techniques used are beautiful. The point of difference in them being not just a 'normal' portrait is what we love most about them. I posted pictures of the portraits on Facebook and the comments I received from friends ranged from 'WOW! They are incredible' to 'Oh I want the artist's number' to 'Wow. They're amazing'!
Katrina and Tony Hackett

I have come to appreciate Tricia's artwork enormously. Not only are her portraits and life drawings beautiful, but also her renditions of landscapes. She is able to capture the essence of the scene in front of her, whether it is a garden, seascape or landscape. We are pleased to own her 2015 painting "Stillwater New Zealand".
Joan Vida

Patricia's "Gender Binary Cannot Be" is the latest painting to be added to my growing collection, is a brilliant piece that highlights how sex and gender have been scribed onto individuals' bodies. It is probably one of her more provocative pieces and which I am proud to own.
Donna Fulford

A remarkable likeness, right down to the nuances
David Dyson


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